The year of 2018 has seen some great music revolutions with the rise of new music artists. Gone are the days when the music fans were adamant advocates of only one genre of music created by their one favorite artist. Today, the fans are more inclined to delve into a mix and match of various sounds amalgamated with bold lyrics. Some of the latest songs make you want to die for you love while the other will make you want to kill your lover. This is the kind of versatility which we have seen in the past decade and frankly, it does not seem to take a break any time soon. Since artists as DJ Khaled, Cardi B and bands such as SYML and Cigarettes after sex are on rise, the interest of music fans is shooting upstream to discover newer music before anyone else. Long story short, 2018 has brought some irresistible music creations and artists with it which is evident from the following best lyrics of the year 2018:

God’s plan, Drake:

“She say, “Do you love me?”

I tell her, “Only partly”,

I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry”

Ring any bells? I bet it does! Dedicated to all the new generation “independent music fans” which proclaim to be self-lovers, Drake has created yet another thrilling piece which is echoing with thrilling beats. This song is here to rule the music records for couple of years to come.

Tongue, MNEK:

“So I’m putting both hands over my mouth
I can only hope nothing’s gonna come out
But there it is on the tip of my tongue
(I think I love you)
I think you’re the one”

MNEK has truly stunned the music world with its otherworldly music creations. The new “Tongue” song is a ballistic thrill for all the music-lover who love to groove on fresh tunes topped with sizzling lyrics.

Sesame Syrup, Cigarettes after Sex:

“I have had a long list of lovers but,

None of them matter to me except you,

You have had a long list of lovers but,

None of them matter to you except me”

Drenched in sensuality, Cigarettes after Sex has touched new heights of eroticism, heart-break, longing and love in this piece. The band’s fans are going crazy over the deeper than ever voice of the artist which perfectly complements the soothing tunes for an arousing experience.

Into it, Camila Cabello:

“I’m not a psychic but I see myself all over you”

After gaining immense fame from “Havanna”- one of the most viewed songs of the past year, music artist Camilo Cabello is setting new records of popularity with her all new “Into it” song. It is a must-listen song for all of Camila’s fans.

Lost in Japan, Shawn Mendes:

“All it’d take is one flight,

We’d be in the same time zone”

Dedicated to the long-distance lovers, Shawn Mendes has introduced yet another lovely music piece sang in his unique voice and echoing with soothing tunes. This song is promised to make you miss the lover which you never even had!